Band / Singer / Songwriter / Producer / Model / Actress 

Music Genres: Alternative, Pop, Electronica, EDM, Trap, House, R&B, Rap, Folk 
Country: USA 

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Jane Bordeaux (born April 14, 1988).

When Jane Bordeaux, an American multi genre singer burst into prominence a few years ago it was clear from the start she was someone to watch. A truly unique artist in every sense of the word. Born in Indiana, Jane was adopted at the age of four months and moved with her new family to Shaker Heights, Ohio were she attend grade school and graduated high school. At a young age Jane Bordeaux struggled to learned the violin as well as classical piano the traditional way by reading sheet music and yet still passed her classes with flying colors by playing by ear as she suffered from dyslexia, a mild learning disability. It is interesting to note that Bordeaux has never taken a single singing or music writing lesson and that her amazing talents for writing lyrics, producing music and singing are completely self taught. 

She graduated from five year private art college, The Art Academy Of Cincinnati, in an impressive four years even though she struggled with dyslexia. A true testament to her will to win and be the best at everything she does in life. Jane Bordeaux has lived and worked in California for the last 20+ years. While there, she worked in the entertainment industry and pursued her love of acting, modeling and producing edgy music. As a successful actress Jane Bordeaux landed many lead and supporting roles in major films (Phone Booth), television shows and commercials. Jane Bordeaux, worked as a model and lead actress in national commercials such as AT&T and Boeing. She also guest stared on numerous TV shows such as the hit television program CSI, Freaks & Geeks, College, Gideon’s Crossing, Facility and Star Trek: Enterprise’’. Always having a deep desire to make music, turning down shows like Million Dollar Match Maker, Temptation Island, MTV’s Real World 2019, Jane paused her acting and reality tv career to pursue her professional music career full time. 

Jane Bordeaux’s first breakout single "Erotication" is a sensual tale about forbidden lust and deep dark desires. Ambient vocals juxtaposed with titillating lyrics quickly envelop the listener in double-entendre salaciousness. In the "Erotication Remix", Jane minces no words: "Your eyes are shifty... You isolate me/Rough touching gets me horny". Not for the timid or faint at heart, as elsewhere, the lyrics become several shades darker. Produced and lyrics written by Jane Bordeaux, her powerful songs provide an escape from the everyday predictable pop song. An pleasure filled journey from beginning to end. 

Jane mostly writes about her reality with a hint of fantasy. Her subject matter can be a bit raw or even down right gritty and taboo, while other song’s are upbeat, soothing or ethereal. Having over 350,000+ online worldwide fans from over 15 fan pages, including 200,000+ Facebook fans from numerous social media fans pages and over 80,000+ Twitter followers, over 5,000+ Instagram followers and 1,500+ YouTube followers are enough validation that her music is undoubtedly resonating globally. 

Jane Bordeaux's music is becoming so popular   around 2015, Jane was interviewed by the Hip Hop and up and coming artist entertainment magazine founded by Gordon Gray, MAFIA MAGAZINE. The music magazine was so impressed with Jane Bordeaux's musical talents that they asked to feature her on the cover of their published music magazine's November issue. 

In 2015, Jane Bordeaux was asked to be put on a mix tape collaboration project with Krayzie Bone from Bone Thugs and artist Stevie Stone from Tech N9ne. That mixed tape will be released in 2015. Also in 2015, another well known DJ, the official DJ for Enrique Iglesias who was on tour with Pitbull in 2014, who is signed with major label Monstercat, contacted Jane Bordeaux to do a possible future collaboration. 

This year has been really busy for Jane Bordeaux. Directors are also now approaching Jane Bordeaux to use her music in their upcoming films and international television commercials. 

With her adoptive mother being white and her adoptive father being black, this adopted multi race vixen of white (Netherlands Dutch), and Native America decent has always refused to be shoved into one single ethnic category or one single musical genre due to her multi cultural background. 

Jane Bordeaux's music now streams on the radio in over 120 countries to over five million people. With many international and USA radio interviews under her belt, a fresh magazine cover and printed publications featuring articles about her unique music, musicians and producers from around the world including London, the UK, South Africa and Belgium, are clamoring to collaborate with Jane Bordeaux on her near future music projects. 

With much early on success as an independent, unsigned, artist who writes her own lyrics and produces her own music, there is no question as to why Jane Bordeaux music is rapidly gaining in popularity around the world. The uniqueness of Jane's intelligent rare sound, which instantly grabs you and draws you in, makes one eager to discover her new music. Which is a true testament to why thousands of fans love her and flock to her social media fan pages to support her music on FacebookX • Twitter, [NEW] YouTubeSoundcloud, Pinterest and [NEW] Instagram for their daily dose of Jane Bordeaux. Fans have great anticipation and excitement for Jane Bordeaux's future releases. Proving Jane Bordeaux is a rising star who has and will continue to have a major influence and presence with music lovers worldwide. 

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